Adventus MusIQ Video Contest Details

What is the theme for the videos?

How MusIQ Software makes practice more enjoyable

What are the criteria to accept and judge video entries?
For all prizes each video submission will be judged on creativity and on how well the video represents the theme. To win the Grand Prize, go the extra mile with your social networks!

  • Tweet about any Adventus MusIQ product and/or share a photo of yourself practicing and tag our Twitter account @BeBeethoven and use the hashtag #musiceducation
  • Like and Share our page Adventus International on Facebook. Post a photo of your MusIQ experience on our wall.
  • Pin a photo of your Adventus MusIQ experience to Pinterest and follow one of our boards.

How long should the videos be?
Minimum of 30 seconds, Maximum of 2 minutes 30 seconds

Are multiple entries permitted?
Multiple entries will be allowed up to a maximum of 5.

What are the specifications for video entries?
240p minimum resolution – No max resolution
Formats accepted: .wmv .avi .mp4 .mov

Advice for taking the video?
Try to minimize camera vibrations by positioning yourself with support. Follow the criteria outlined above, and feel free to create your own original masterpieces.

Each Video submission must be totally original, must not contain copyrighted material, including any copyrighted music.
Copyright music played on the piano is acceptable as long as the whole song is not played.

Video must not have branded elements, i.e., Coke can, Nike logo, etc. Video must be “Family” Friendly **
** Tasteful Humor and Testimonials are welcome.


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